PLAZA DESIGN has been originated regarding the demand for valuable architectures by Thailand’s leading expert teams in design, decoration, architects and engineering fields, who have been of more than long-standing 20-year experience. As we firmly believe that excellent outcomes delivered is not just elegance, but paying attention to every detail of works. We always adhere to our philosophy that our creative works must be of the responsive elegance and perfect quality to meet the customer needs.

   At the PLAZA DESIGN, we strive to develop the potential of our professional teams and organizational performance that they are well-equipped and skillful to produce works that fulfill the customer satisfaction, based on our commitment to developing corporate potential to deliver quality and services at the international level, because ‘we are the PLAZA DESIGN, a leader in design and decoration, guaranteed with the quality and experience for more than 20 years’

Prime Astetic

Architecture, Interior



HOUSE 2022

Architecture, Home, Hotel, Interior


Home, Interior

loos furniture

Hotel, Interior

Cover Way

Home, Thai home